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Hinterland Choice Meats

Hinterland Choice Meats is a locally owned butchery that prides itself on providing a high-quality product that meets the requirements of every single customer.

We source our beef from specific accredited producers, making quality selections based on our experience, research and customer feedback.

At Hinterland Choice Meats, we ensure that:

  • All products are grown and produced free of any chemicals and hormone-growth promotants;
  • Specific genetics are selected to help guarantee flavour, tenderness and eating quality;
  • All our beef products are of a specific age (Yearling) and weight before processing;
  • All our beef are grass-fed, free-range stock;
  • Careful and similar selection is used for all other products processed through our store;
  • All beef is tender-stretched to further improve the eating quality and tenderness (as proved in CSIRO and MLA testing – results can be viewed here
  • All products are produced in a clean and hygienic environment approved and accredited by Safe Foods Queensland;
  • Qualified staff process all products to the requirements of our customers;
  • A full range of products is available to our customers and we will endeavour to cater for any particular requirements that our customers may have.